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The Covid-19 Virus

The Corona Virus disease is a respiratory diseases that affects that the respiratory and is known to originate have originated from the animal to man though no one can confirm form which animals, there are other types of corona like severe acute respiratory syndrome – SARS virus which is known to have originated from southern china and the Middle East respiratory syndrome – MERS virus, currently the covid-19 is declared a pandemic by the world health organization- WHO
The Corona Virus is contagious, and it is said to originate from animals though it is not yet confirmed from which animal and moves from one infected person to healthy person, when the infected coughs or sneezes, the respiratory droplets move to the other and if the healthy person is within a radius of 6 feet then they can be infected by the virus. The symptoms of the corona virus are like those of pneumonia symptoms and are not treatable by any antibiotic because the corona is a viral infection and it depend on a strong immunity to be able to recover from its effects. The Covid-19 can be detected by your family doctor of the health care practitioner in your neighborhood, so visit the doctor soon to get the tests done that can confirm whether it’s corona or another respiratory illness, the doctor will further give proper treatment if it found or give precautionary measures to keep you safe. Due to the fact there is no medication for this disease the best way it to use preventative measures like, avoid crowded areas or places with large gatherings, cough into your upper sleeve or elbow or into a tissue but not into your hands, wash your hands thoroughly for not less than 10 seconds, wash with soap especially after visiting the toilets or in case your hands are visibly dirty just ensure you wash with soap and water or use an alcohol based sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol concentration to avoid the transmission of this virus. The Corana virus originated from China in November 2019 and has since been declared a pandemic by the world health organization, there is no cure for this illness only to maintain good health habits that build a strong immune such that when or if it occurs one can recover from it. However, it has created fear worldwide which is leading to corona virus anxiety cases, although anxiety in small doses is not bad in the case it gets to a point where it prevents normal daily functioning because of mental and emotional distress the it is best to seek counselling, currently there is corona virus anxiety counselling online offered by many counselling centers, visit such sited for further assistance.

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